PMANC Premiums

    Introducing an easy way for suppliers to
    connect with Norcal distributors

    PMANC's Premiums Kit will get your latest samples directly into 
    the hands of local distributors.

    Since we are unable to host the Summer Showcase on August 4th, suppliers and distributors are invited to join us for the unboxing of the PMANC Premiums Kit, first edition.

    What’s an unboxing?
    We are working with our suppliers to assemble a great collection of the latest merch and ship these kits right to our local distributors by August 4th. Recipients will be invited to join us online and unbox the collection, learning about each piece in the kit.

    This is the first edition, so it's very special!
    Exhibitors, who were registered for either the 2020 Spring or Fall Showcase) and have funds on deposit for a future show,  may include one item in the kit at no charge. (One for every booth space you reserved for the 2020 Showcase) 

    This opportunity will be open to ALL Member Suppliers
    Once the  VIP  period expires,  on  Tuesday,  June 30, we'll open the opportunity to participate to all supplier members.  The price is $150 per item to be included in the kit, (you pay for the 75 items & shipping of the item you are including).   The entry deadline will be July 10th or until the kit is full (whichever comes first).

    The PMANC Premium Kit will be made available to the first 75 distributor members at an investment of $25 (to cover the shipping/packaging and labor)

    SUPPLIERS: Please fill out your reservation form to confirm your registration. Click here for the form