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    President's Letter

    Since my last letter, I hope you have heard about our next event - Spring Market Showcase in Monterey! Our Board of Directors are very excited about this year's show and everyone has been working hard to deliver a truly amazing event that will be above and beyond just a tradeshow. I know we say it every year, but this year’s Spring Market Showcase is going to be sensational! Why am I so confident that you will be impressed and glad you attended Spring Showcase in Monterey this May 2nd and 3rd? I'm so glad you asked because this year we will be at the newly renovated Monterey Conference Center, 10th annual Golf Event in beautiful Monterey, new and amazing professional development sessions, phenomenal guest speakers, and over 125 suppliers represented at our Showcase Market.   

    Here's the schedule for this year's Spring Market Showcase:
    Wednesday, May 2nd
    12 pm Golf Tournament at Pacific Grove Links

    Click here to register for Golf

    1 pm - 3 pm Promo 101: Learn the basics!
    (Monterey Marriott in the Santa Barbara Room)
    Click here to register for Promo 101

    3:15 pm - 4:45 pm Art 101
    Learn the basics about decoration, art files, virtuals tips, and tricks
    (Monterey Marriott in the Santa Barbara Room)
    Click here to register for Art 101

    Registration required for both educational sessions on May 2nd.

    5:30 pm Spring Market Happy Hour (Golf Awards at 6:30 pm)
    Scales Restaurant, 30 Fisherman's Wharf #1, Monterey, CA 93940

    Thursday, May 3rd

    8:45 am – 10:50 am: Complimentary Breakfast - Registration Required!

    8:45 am – 9:40 am: Business Uniforming, Curated Collections For Today’s Professional Workforce. Presented by SanMar. 

    9:50 am – 10:50 am: FROM THE GROUND UP: Inspiring Stories from Entrepreneurs. Featuring Jeremy Lott, Tom Goos, and Paul Bellantone
    (Session is open to Distributors and Suppliers) 

    11:00 am-4: 00 pm: Spring Market Showcase - Exhibits Open: Over 125 Suppliers Represented
    Click here to register to attend the breakfast sessions and the exhibits

    PMANC’s Spring Showcase is the largest Trade Show in Northern California! Our farmers market theme celebrates our local promotional products community and all that Northern California offers. We would never be able to offer such a great experience for you at SHOWCASE each year without the support of our supplier exhibitors and sponsors. So many distributor and service companies have asked how they can help, we have developed several new sponsorship levels designed specifically for distributor companies and service companies. If you would like to know more about all our sponsorships, click this link for distributor and supplier company sponsorship information. 

    See you in Monterey!

    Melissa Deckelman
    2018 PMANC President
    [email protected]




    Get Smarter


    May 2nd & 3rd PMANC will be heading to Market in Monterey with an overflowing crop of amazing suppliers to help our members grow their business. The board is working overtime to deliver two fun-filled and exciting days of enrichment and we kick it off with inspiring Professional Development sessions that are filled with creative content that feed our minds.  Sound good so far?  

    Promo 101 will be Wednesday, May 2nd, in the afternoon beginning at 1:00.  This is an important session for any new members in our industry as well as a training tool for Managers to keep for future new hires.  Register here for Promo 101. 

    Pictured above L-R: Nina Richie & Patrick Kenney

    Our second session on Wednesday will be Art 101Tips and Tricks.  Our moderators, Patrick Kenney from Cairdea and Nina Ritchie from PCNA are ready to lead you through the ins and outs of the wonderful world of art and decoration.  This session will be packed with information so sign up fast as space is limited. Register here for Art 101.

    Pictured left to right: Jeremy Lott (Sanmar), Paul Bellantone (PPAI) & Tom Goos (Image Source)

    The Spring Market Showcase will kick off on Thursday, May 3rd, with a complimentary breakfast session featuring Business Uniforms for Today’s Professional Workforce presented by San Mar.  This will be followed by our Keynote Session, FROM THE GROUND UPMotivating stories from Industry Entrepreneurs featuring Jeremy Lott (San Mar), Tom Goos (Image Source) and moderated by PPAI CEO, Paul Bellantone.  This unique session will provide our members with a window into the making of two industry leaders from the perspective of a distributor and a supplier.  They will discuss the ups and downs of starting a business and how to stay relevant in an ever-changing industry.  Our goal is to have an energized discussion that evokes “fresh ideas”! 

    Seating for the breakfast session is limited and on a first-registered basis. Please register today.

    See you in Monterey! 





    Laurie Dowell
    PMANC Professional Development Chairperson

    Senior Branding Consultant 
    Jack Nadel Int'l.



    Next Gen

    Possessions vs Experiences

    Through our daily struggles, it feels we sometimes must sacrifice one desire to get receive another. Some examples of this would be Success vs Likability, Social Life vs Career, Study vs Sleep—and with Millennials, it's Possessions vs gaining Experiences. 

    Millennials were dealt a tough hand not only coming from the worst recession our nation has experienced in decades, but also carrying enormous amounts of student loan debt. According to Goldman Sachs, Millennials are putting off marriage to avoid wedding expenses—and at a record low, not buying cars or homes.  More Millennials are car-pooling, living with mom and dad until they get “the boot,” and pocketing their money. With access to fewer funds than prior generations, they’ve had to be more strategic with their money and prioritizing their spending.

    According to a Twitter study, the one thing Millennials do justify their spending is on travel.  70% percent of respondents said that funding travel is a motivation to work. Which brings us to the realization that Millennials tend to value experiences over owning possessions. Make sense, right?  Millennials are the most social and connected generation yet.

    In the article, Fueling the Experience Economy, Millennials like to define themselves by their experiences, whether its travel, culture, sporting events, live performances, or other social events. Some can argue that Millennial’s high priority to “live life to its fullest” has reflected through the success of the social media app, Instagram.  Instagram aims to capture a photo or video moments and experiences to share with followers. In Fueling the Experience Economy, Millennial’s top priority to capture these moments are more valuable than possessions or even achieving a particular career status.

    Millennials may not be defined by their careers like Baby Boomers, but they are passionate about the work they do, and they want to make a difference. In fact, a main reason Millennials choose to stick to their job is based off a company’s corporate environment. Forbes notes that Millennials tend to hop around different companies to find the best environment for them, thus prioritizing experience over salary and possessions.

    How does this translate to the workplace and our promotional industry? It’s no secret that companies are finding ways to make their employee workspace a “think tank,” full of fun creative artwork and amusing environments to promote healthy and happy attitudes. Our industry needs to appeal to these buyers by remembering that their buying habits gravitate toward this environment. The key is to market around the experience of our items rather than just a possession.

    Ellie Gallegos
    Branding Coordinator

    Jack Nadel Int'l.



    Carson Cooks!

     Doug Carson, Carson Solutions

    A lean tender cut of meat teamed with one of the freshest most aromatic sauces created and a pungent rich cheese, what a combination! The pesto and seasoning & breading of the pork can be done the day before making the day of your dinner party less work. Some of the joy I have is to see the reaction of my friends and guests as they walk through the door and are greeted with these wonderful aromas that tantalize their senses. This recipe has become a favorite of my collection, and I invite you to let me know what you think. 

    INGREDIENTS - Serves Four
    2 Pork Tenderloins – 24 slices
    ¼ cup pesto
    ¼ cup plus 2 TBLS freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese
    12 shavings of Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese
    2 TBLS minced Italian Parsley
    ¼ cup finely ground panko breadcrumbs
    8 Large Sage leaves
    ½ cup extra-virgin olive oil
    Salt & Pepper to taste

    2 bunches of fresh Basil
    3 garlic cloves
    1/8 cup of Pine Nuts
    ½ cup of extra virgin olive oil
    ¼ cup of loosely packed chunks of Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese
    Be careful on the amount of salt because the Parmigiano is salty  

    Below, I say to use a food processor to make your pesto. That is because the vast majority of the people will only use that method because of the ease and time it takes to create the sauce. My cousin in Lucca Italy says to only use a mortar & pesto. WHAT A DIFFERENCE. Try it and see the difference in taste.  Make cooking fun! 

    In a food processor, place the garlic, pine nuts and cheese. Blend until smooth. Wash the basil, drain and place it in the food processor. Blend until finely chopped and incorporated into the mixture of pine nuts, garlic and cheese. Add a pinch of salt or two. While motor is running, drizzle in the olive oil until it’s completely blended. Using the Pulse button is the best because the heat of the blade will change the taste of the pesto. Cover tightly and refrigerate.

    NOTE: If you don’t use the pesto right away, it will oxidize and turn brown on top. To prevent that, blanch your Basil in boiling water for about 15 seconds. Drain and dry and then use as directed above.

    Slice Pork into ¼” slices. Mince parsley and sage. Place pork slices in a large mixing bowl and season with the sage, parsley, 2 TBLS of olive oil, salt & pepper. Set aside for a couple of hours or preferably overnight. Mix the finely chopped Panko Bread Crumbs and the Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese and dredge the pork slices one at a time in the mixture and set on a platter. You do not want a lot of breading on the pork. Preheat a skillet over medium-high heat. When hot, add the olive oil. When the oil is hot, saute the pork until each side is golden brown. Place the pork on a baking sheet. Sprinkle each slice with Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese and bake in a pre-heated oven at 325 degrees for 15 minutes. Place half the slices of pork on a platter, spoon each slice with ½ tsp of pesto. Place the remaining slices of pork on the pesto and spoon another ½ tsp of pesto on the top. Place a shaving of Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese on the pesto. 





    What you need to know


    Upcoming Webinars:

    Wed., March 28, 2018, 9:30 am PST
    "Want Fries with That? Defining Value and Adding It"
    Charity Gibson - PromoKitchen Editor and National Account Coordinator, Peerless

    In an age where buyers have more ways to purchase promo than ever, we continually hear that in order to maintain relevancy and keep clients, we need to add value. What do we not hear? What value really looks like, and how to add it! I can often be quoted as saying, " If we cannot do an incredible job of standing out from our own competition, then we have no business telling our clients we can help them stand out from theirs."  What does adding value and standing out from your competition have to do with each other? Tune in and find out!

    Participants will learn:           
    • What does it mean to "add value"

    • Strategies to stand out from the competition
    • How to add value and differentiate
    More info 

    April Webinar
    Wed., April 25, 2018, 9:30 am PST: Kirby Hasseman

    Wednesday Webinars are a MEMBER-ONLY Benefit.
    Download a membership app to join PMANC or sign up online.

    Giants Game on Monday 3/26/2018
    Join our new Social Club on a spring baseball night! It looks like its going to be a race to the first 15 to respond. The event is hosted by PMANC President, Melissa Deckelman and Social Committee Chairperson, Tony Lee.

    Tickets are $15.00 each.
    Click here to join the Club and register for the baseball game.

    What's better than a day of golf? We invite you to join us for our 10th annual PMANC SHOWCASE SCRAMBLE. 

    By popular demand, we'll be returning to Pacific Grove Golf Links, located at
    77 Asilomar Blvd., Pacific Grove, CA.  

    Date: Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018
    Start Time: 12:00 pm
    Entry Fee per player: $102.00
    Fee includes greens fees, cart and lunch.

    Raffle Tickets: $5 single & $20 for 5                  REGISTER ONLINE HERE
    Mulligans: $5.00 each (limit 2)

    If you would like to download a player registration form, please click here.

    Forms can be faxed back to Carol Murphy at: 415-869-3909 
    You can also email the forms
    to: [email protected]

    Sponsorships are available for purchase online during player registration:
    Golf Lunch/Beverage Sponsor - $250.00 (Three Available)

    Tee Sign Sponsor - $50.00 each (16 Available)
    Golf Awards - Eight Awards for the Top Two Teams 
    Raffle Prize Donation: Minimum value of $25.00
    Golfer's Tee/Goodie Bag Prizes - 80 pieces with 2018 logo

    (All Sponsorships will be recognized with their logo on the Tournament Banner, and in the SHOWCASE Program Guide.)

    If you would like to download a sponsorship form, please click here.




    The exhibits are open to all Qualified Promotional Products Distributors - No End-Users



    WEDNESDAY MAY 2nd - 
    MONTEREY MARRIOTT (Santa Barbara Room)

    PROMO 101: 1:00 - 2:45pm
    PMANC's mission is to provide members with educational tools so you can do your job better and really stand out! In 2017, we started a new series, PROMO 101 featuring high-level, intensive, industry-focused workshops and boot camps. We have received many requests to repeat the class, we'll be doing a new session at the 2018 Expo. This class is perfect for on-boarding your new customer service, sales assistants and even sales people to the exciting and sometimes baffling world of promotional products. Craig Reese, Partner & SVP, Jack Nadel) will share history, terminology, culture & relationships of the industry. to bring attendees' skill levels up to a whole new level.


    ART 101: 3:00 - 5:00pm
    Learn the basics you need to know about promotional products art and decoration and techniques for checking and preparing your artwork for a project. You'll learn how to avoid the 10 most common artwork mistakes!








    Membership Exclusive: PMANC Campbell M. Brown Memorial Scholarship

    PMANC is proud to offer again this year, a $1,000 college scholarship through the Promotional Products Education Foundation (PPEF). The PMANC Campbell M. Brown Memorial Scholarship is only available to PMANC member companies’ owners, employees and their children. In addition to the PMANC Campbell M. Brown Memorial Scholarship, applicants will be considered for scholarships from PPEF, which will be awarding $200,000 in college scholarships in 2018.

    Applications for the 2018-2019 school year are available now.
    Apply today!
    Application Deadline is March 15, 2017.

    PMANC Members, click here for the scholarship application

    Have you used any coupons from the 2018 Online Supplier Coupon Book? 

    Here's a list of the suppliers who are offering a money-saving coupon in this year's catalog:

    A+ Wine Designs Futai Perry Ellis
    AAA Innovations Galaxy Balloons Picnic Plus
    AAKron Games People Play Picnic Time Family of Brands
    Ad-A-Day Gemaco Pilot Pen
    Ads On Magnets GEMPIRE/Floral Promotions PMGOA
    Aeropen Glass America Prime Line
    Alexander Glasstic Bottle Co. Printgear Sportswear Distributors
    All in One Goldstar Private Design Wear
    Allen ColorCraft/TheAllenCo. Gordan Sinclair Pro Towels
    Aloe Up Grand Embroidery Promo Sauces
    Alumicolor Graphik Business Accessories PWS
    American Ad Bag GuillowGliders Radius Display Products
    AmeriFoam Harstan Ties & Accessories Raining Rose
    AP Specialties Headfirst Printing Ready4Kits
    Apollo Headwear USA RecognitionWorx Inc.
    AT Cross Company Hit Promo RiteLine
    Bag Makers Hotline Products Samsill
    Bastian Company Howard Miller Sanford B2B
    Bay State Specialty Co. HPC Global Sharper Printing
    Beacon Promotions Hub Pen ShedRain
    Bel Promo Huffermen Shepenco
    Bentcil ID Line Showdown Displays
    Best Promotions USA Illini SnugZ USA
    BestUSA IMAGEN Brands Sock101
    BIC Graphic Jarco Soft Stuff Creations
    Black Forest Jody's Gourmet Popcorn Sport Systems Custom Bag Corp.
    BudgetCard Jornik Star Print & Embroidery
    Busrel JournalBooks Starline
    Cajun-Connections Justin Case Storm Creek
    California Tattoos Kanata Blanket Co. Stouse
    Capco Sportswear (KC Caps) Keystone Mint Strideline
    Caro-Line (AKA Bandanna Promo) KTI Promo StrombergBrand
    Cedar Crest  Label Works Strong Leather
    Champro Sports Lanco SunGraphix
    Charging Innovations LarLu Superior
    Charles River Apparel Limitless Innovations T-Shirt Tycoon
    Chocolate Inn Liqui-Mark TEAM Concept Printing
    ClothPromotions Plus Logo Included Tekweld
    CoasterStone MAC Specialties Terry Town
    Compass Magnet America Texas Cutie Blanks
    CPS/Keystone Magnets In Print The Colemax Group
    Crystal D Maple Ridge Farms The Leslie Company
    Crystal Images MasterCast & Marken The Magnet Group
    Curto Toy Michigan Incentive Reps Towel Specialties
    Cutter & Buck Midnite Snax Tranter Graphics
    Dard Products Mineral Springs TravelChair
    Debco MMI International Trade Tri Mountain
    Devara Morco Uniflex
    Douglas Mrs Call’s Utica Cutlery Company
    Dumbrooke Apparel Neet Feet Vantage Apparel
    Edwards Garment Notes Inc. Victorinox Swiss Army
    Empire USA Pen OMNi Apparel Visions Awardcraft
    EMT One In A Million, Inc. Visual Impact Promotions
    Epoly Orbus Walters Seed Company
    Eureka Woodworks Outdoor Cap Warwick
    Evans Manufacturing PA Towel Mills Webb Collection
    Fasttrack Promos Pacesetter Awards Weepuls/Weepiline, LLC
    Fey PPG Par One White Bear Clothing Co.
    Fields Manufacturing Paramount Apparel Int’l Windbrella

    Current PMANC Members
    - Use your member credentials to log into the website. Your username is your business email address. If you've forgotten your password, use the easy and quick password reset feature. 

    If you are not a member, this is a great reason to join PMANC. Members tell us if you use just (2) coupons out of this book you can easily recoup your annual membership fee.

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    California Prop 65 Ups Its Requirements
    On August 30, The California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) will begin enforcing new warning requirements for California Prop 65. These changes apply to all products that are made after that date and contain any of the 900-plus chemicals that are on the OEHHA List as being known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

    In summary, the primary changes are these:
    New Wording: The most obvious change is the new wording that is required in these warnings. The new “long form” warnings must state, “This product can expose you to …,” and must name the specific chemical or substance that triggers the warning (no abbreviations of chemical names, such as DEHP, are permitted). The state does allow companies to use a much simpler “short form” label that requires the following:

    • A triangular warning symbol with an exclamation point; the color yellow must be used inside the triangle if yellow is also used in the product’s packaging.

    • The word “WARNING” must be included in the label.

    • The specific risk of harm, such as cancer, birth defects and/or reproductive harm; or both cancer and reproductive harm.
    • A reference to the new OEHHA California Prop 65 warning website located at www.

    Disclosing the health risk: Although identifying the health hazard posed by the chemical in the product is not a new requirement, the short form label is much more direct. With the simple mention of cancer or reproductive harm, it sends a stronger message to the consumer about the chemical and the harm posed from exposure.

    Providing separate internet and/or catalog warnings: These must be provided to consumers prior to or during the purchase. Therefore, if you sell products directly to consumers through the internet or a catalog, you must now provide a warning label that is identical to the one applied to the product, and the website or catalog warning should be prominently displayed before the consumer completes the purchase. As a courtesy, suppliers and distributors with business-to-business websites and catalogs should also provide warnings to clients to prevent unpleasant surprises when they receive products with Prop 65 warning labels on them. Transparency and early disclosure will help your customer make better-informed purchasing decisions.

    For more information on how to comply with the new requirements, click here for the article from PPAI MEDIA.

    Promotional Products Pioneers Award Recipients
    Congratulations to PMANC members S. Allen Dohan, CEO of The Allen Company; Marty Lott, owner and president of SanMar and the late Bill Schmidt, previous CEO of HIT Promotional Products who were recipients of the 2018 PPAI Promotional Products Pioneers award.  

    The Promotional Products Pioneers award recognizes individuals who have distinguished themselves in the industry through their vision, drive, innovation, character and leadership. The honorees were selected by the PPAI Hall of Fame advisory group. 

    Ariel Premium Launches New Website
    St. Louis, MO – March 8, 2018 – Ariel Premium Supply is proud to announce the launch of an entirely new website at The new site features a greatly enhanced product presentation, easier navigation, a more robust search tool, a Design Lab for users to create their own flyers (powered by ZOOMcatalog) and an educational Learning Lab to share detailed product knowledge.
    More Information

    Bob Heintz Joins Terry Town Sales Team
    San Diego, CA – Terry Town (asi90913, ppai230911, sage66966), an award-winning supplier of towels, blankets, robes and accessories, is pleased to announce the hiring of Bob Heintz, bringing over 20 years of industry experience to the Terry Town family.    

    Heintz, who will hold the position of Director of National Sales, will be responsible for key account management, national sales and new business development.  

    Proforma Names Chris Piper as VP of Business Development
    Distributor company Proforma has announced the hiring of Chris Piper as Vice President of Business Development. Prior to joining Proforma, Chris served in several other industry roles, including VP of Business Development with Boundless, Regional Vice President with Halo Branded Solutions, and Director of Business Development with PPAI. 

    PMANC Supplier Member, Global Promo Honored at the 2018 PPAI Expo
    Global Promo, based in CA was honored with a technical award of excellence for sublimation work during the 2018 PPAI Expo. Global Promo created a custom travel luggage cover to promote an airline’s travel promotion to the Dominican Republic.  Click here for more information on the company. Global Promo will be exhibiting at the 2018 Spring Market SHOWCASE on May 3rd in Monterey, CA.




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    See you around!