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    President's Letter

    Welcome to a New Year!

    I am honored to serve as the 2018 President for PMANC.

    PMANC has had an exciting 2017 under the leadership of Ivonne Lahlouh. I want to truly thank her for setting me up for what is sure to be an amazing 2018. A very big thanks to a committed board of directors, engaged members and great volunteers, the association has a big year planned for our members. This year the PMANC Board welcomes two new directors: Kara Danes (Almaden Press) and Sam Brown (BrandVia).

    Our first major event will be Showcase Spring Market on May 2nd & 3rd at the newly renovated Monterey Conference Center. We are looking forward to a great Showcase that will highlight local resources, fresh product, organic ideas and will be sure to deliver sweet results. Mark your calendars and start planning for the show and the entire experience. We hope that you will consider making this into a team building experience in beautiful Monterey! We can’t wait to announce the Professional Development sessions that will be offered at Showcase Spring Market, so stay tuned!

    There is far more coming up for this year as our committees have been working to create some new events and ways for you to grow your business throughout the upcoming year. Watch this newsletter and your email for updates from PMANC.

    I hope you are ready for a big year that we plan to deliver more Professional Development, Social Events, and continue to strengthen our local Promotional Products Community. Consider volunteering and getting in on the fun. We have just the right size of involvement to fit your schedule and your interests.

    Happy New Year!

    Melissa Deckelman
    2018 PMANC President
    [email protected]





    PMANC had another great Holiday Party at the J.W. Marriott on December 7th.  Over 80 people attended.  If you missed the event, here's a link to the photo gallery.

    The 2018 PMANC Board of Directors was officially installed into office at the Holiday Party and begin their duties on January 1, 2018.



    Get Smarter

    Let’s get this year started right!

    Every New Year begins with a blank page that is filled with empowering, enthusiastic, life-enriching resolutions.  Most popular are resolutions aimed at diet and exercise and our work/life balance.  Some will work but several surveys show that over 80% fail within the first month.  Imagine if we put the effort we give to landing a new client into our resolutions.  It is basically the same steps and commitments so why not use all the tools in your business life to enrich your personal world.  Here are some tips for making those resolutions stick.

    1.     Don’t attempt a failed one.  Try something new.

    2.     Break each goal into several small steps.  Focus on the journey, not the end.

    3.     Keep something in front of you that reminds you of the benefits.

    4.     Have accountability.  Share your goals with friends and meet regularly
      to check status.

    5.     A small reward as your steps are achieved goes a long way.

    6.     Life will give you set-backs so when you fall get back up and keep going.

    Here are my three resolutions for this year to make PMANC and our Professional Development soar!

    ·     Create exciting and informative sessions that will engage our members.
    ·     Promote our Spring Showcase and Fall Show to boost attendance.
    ·     Have the best year ever with an amazing board and the best association out there.

    I’m excited to get started but I’ll need your help.  We have planned a great line up featuring a tech summit, art tips in Illustrator and another millennial panel, but we want to hear from our members on what you want.  Please reach out and give any suggestions for training. Let’s all get engaged with PMANC and all be winners!!



    Laurie Dowell
    PMANC Professional Development Chairperson

    Senior Branding Consultant 
    Jack Nadel Int'l.





    In 1981 I found myself in the advertising specialty industry after having been sued for a non-compete contract in another industry. Previously I thought advertising specialties were a “bribe” that you gave a prospect when you wanted them to buy something. Little did I know that I would fall in love with the industry and staying in it for 36 years!

    When I first started in the industry I was trained by a woman who was very successful, but she didn’t believe in participating in the local or regional advertising specialty associations. She would say, “Why would you want to spend time with your competitors when you could be spending that same time with clients”. She was SO WRONG!

    Fortunately, I stopped working for her and found an employer who believed in the importance of being a member and participating in our regional association. I’ve been a member of PMANC for about 27 years. I served on the board and on the Professional Development committee. I’ve attended every trade show and even when I wasn’t caring for my husband who became ill in 2012 and passed in 2016.

    Being a member of PMANC and attending events taught me how to be a better salesperson and by giving back, a better human being. I learned about the vendor side of our industry and how to be more efficient in working with our local representatives. Our local representatives are there to help us and your clients will love meeting them when you invite them on joint calls. Telling my clients that I was attending a trade show or an educational event made them see me as a professional and not another pen or coffee mug salesperson. Getting to know the people in our industry – both distributors and suppliers have enriched my life in ways I can’t begin to describe.

    For those new to the industry, I would encourage you to get involved. If you feel you don’t have time to volunteer, then at least become a member and attend the wonderful events that PMANC hosts. You won’t regret it! And for all those veterans of the industry, if you haven’t gotten involved in PMANC, make it a goal for 2018 to attend at least one event.

    When I thought about retiring and selling my business, the hesitation was because I would miss the wonderful people I have become friends with through the association and the industry. But then I realized – I could retire and spend more time volunteering with PMANC! I sold my business November 1st to another Proforma owner and have no regrets. I’m spending more time with family/friends, downsizing, practicing yoga, playing more golf and figuring out what else to do now that I’ve entered the world of retirement.

    I wish all of you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year! I look forward to seeing you at future PMANC events.

    Best Always,
    Ilene Marshall
    PMANC Member & Former Owner: Proforma Star Incentives




    It's here!  The 2018 Online Supplier Coupon Book - a Member's Only Exclusive Benefit

    Over 180 coupons, from national suppliers, with discounts
    on set-up fees, express shipping, EQP pricing, samples, and $$ off orders. 

    Current PMANC Members - Use your member credentials to log into the website. Your username is your business email address. If you've forgotten your password, use the easy and quick password reset feature. 

    If you are not a member, this is a great reason to join PMANC. Members tell us if you use just (2) coupons out of this book you can easily recoup your annual membership fee.

    Distributors, click here to learn more about PMANC and how to become a member.
    You can also download a membership application here.



    Carson Cooks!

    By Doug Carson, Carson Solutions

    I grew up in the Italian heritage of my mother Rose Bianchini Carson. Her mom was a wonderful lady and immigrated to America in 1919. They made their living growing vegetables, fruits and herbs. My cousins and I were always helping Nonna Dina in the kitchen. Nonna would always tell us to use fresh herbs and ingredients in cooking because it is healthier and the taste is superior.

    I  have such fond memories of being with Nonna in the kitchen and I wanted to give that same experience to my grandchildren.  Ashby & Penelope are in the kitchen with Nonno making Turkey Meatballs. They become very proud of their accomplishments and are eager to share their feast with the family.

    Below are different recipes all needed to complete the dish, but by making more than you need, it allows you to create more dishes with the same ingredients.

    Next quarter will be a recipe using the sauce and pesto.


    Pesto is a past participle of pesta, “to pound, to crush. So the word “Pesto” refers to the method of preparation, rather than ingredients. While in Italy a few years ago visiting my relatives, I was given a very valuable lesson on how to prepare a Pesto. My Cousin, Franca Bianchini, shook her finger at me and said, “ Don’t use a machine to make Pesto.” “ Why, I asked?” “Because the heat of the blade will change the flavor of the sauce,” she said. “Only use a mortar and pestle and pound the ingredients.” I wasn’t completely convinced until I got home and tried her method. WOW! What a difference in flavor. Believe me, it’s fresher and tastier. Granted, it takes time, but it is worth it. “However,” she did say, “If you must use a Food Processor, use the pulse button and very slowly and with breaks, pulse the ingredients into a sauce. This prevents the blade from heating up and the heat of the blade is what changes the flavor of the pesto.”


    8 cups Basil, loosely packed                                                      ¼ cup Rosemary. loosely packed
    3 cups of Italian Leaf Parsley, loosely packed                          ½ cup Sage, loosely packed
    1/8 cup of fresh thyme, loosely packed                                     4 garlic cloves
    2 cups of Extra Virgin Olive Oil                                                  1 tsp of coarse ground Sea Salt
    Pinch of Red Chili Flakes

    I would mince all the herbs and place them in a mortar and pound them with the pestle into a paste while gradually adding olive oil.

    If you prefer, as mentioned above, place the garlic in the food processor and mince. Add your herbs to the processor in small batches and pulse until they are thoroughly chopped. Add the salt. While pulsating, gradually add the olive oil until mixture is smooth. Taste and add more salt if necessary.

    32 oz tomato sauce or cans of peeled whole tomatoes. I prefer the whole tomatoes because they are fresh and not cooked. Blend with a hand blender or food processor.

    1 white onion, finely minced                                                        6 garlic cloves
    Above Pesto (7 Tbs to be used in the meatballs)                      1/8 cup of olive oil
    1 cup of dry red wine                                                                    1 cup of chicken broth
    Pinch of Red Chili Flakes or add more if you want it slightly spicy. A pinch will not make it spicy at all.

    Simmer onions and garlic in the olive oil until tender. Add the tomatoes, wine & chicken stock to a food processor and add the pesto. Blend thoroughly. Add to the onions and bring to a boil then simmer at low heat for about 1 ½ hours.

    2 ½ lbs of ground Turkey                                      ½ cup grated Parmesan Reggiano
    ½ cup Pecorino Romano Cheese                         1 ½ cups Panko Bread Crumbs
    7 TBLS Herb Mixture                                              Pinch of Chili Flakes
    1 egg                                                                        1 tsp Sea Salt

    Add all ingredients into a bowl and thoroughly mix everything together. Your hands are the best tools to use. Roll into balls the size desired. (about 1 ½ inch in diameter)

    Place the sauce in a large baking pan and then add the turkey meatballs. Bake at 375 degrees for 1 hour covered and ½ hour uncovered.




    What you need to know

    Upcoming Webinars:

    Wed., Jan 25, 2018, 9:30 am PST
    Quickbooks Premier and the Ad Specialty Distributor
    Harriett Gatter
    Take a tour of QuickBooks Premier to see the pros and cons of its Order Management and Accounting capabilities for our unique and complex industry. Learn how to best use this software which is the #1 Accounting software for small to medium-sized businesses.
    More info

    February Webinar:
    Wed., February 28, 2018, 9:30 am PST: Cliff Quicksell - Creative Distribution

    Wednesday Webinars are a MEMBER-ONLY Benefit.
    Download a membership app to join PMANC or sign up online.

    Distributor Registration for the May SHOWCASE will begin in February.

    Registration is Now Open!

    What's better than a day of golf? We invite you to join us for our 10th annual PMANC SHOWCASE SCRAMBLE. 

    By popular demand, we'll be returning to Pacific Grove Golf Links, located at
    77 Asilomar Blvd., Pacific Grove, CA.  

    Date: Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018
    Start Time: 12:00 pm
    Entry Fee per player: $102.00
    Fee includes greens fees, cart and lunch.

    Raffle Tickets: $5 single & $20 for 5                  REGISTER ONLINE HERE
    Mulligans: $5.00 each (limit 2)

    If you would like to download a player registration form, please click here.

    Forms can be faxed back to Carol Murphy at: 415-869-3909 
    You can also email the forms
    to: [email protected]

    Sponsorships are available for purchase online during player registration:
    Golf Lunch/Beverage Sponsor - $250.00 (Three Available)

    Tee Sign Sponsor - $50.00 each (16 Available)
    Golf Awards - Eight Awards for the Top Two Teams 
    Raffle Prize Donation: Minimum value of $25.00
    Golfer's Tee/Goodie Bag Prizes - 80 pieces with 2018 logo

    (All Sponsorships will be recognized with their logo on the Tournament Banner, and in the SHOWCASE Program Guide.)

    If you would like to download a sponsorship form, please click here.




    T-Shirt Leads to “Christmas Miracle”

    A New Jersey man in need of a kidney transplant has found a donor in an incredible way – through a unique T-shirt and thousands of shares on social media. This summer, during a trip to Disney World, Robert Leibowitz wore a T-shirt that read: “In need of a kidney. O positive. Call 917-597-2651.” A woman, Rocio Sandoval, snapped a photo of the shirt and posted it on Facebook.

    The image was shared more than 90,000 times and several people came forward offering to donate their kidneys, including Richie Sully. After testing, doctors said last week that Sully, an Indiana man, is a perfect donor match for Leibowitz. On January 18, doctors will perform the kidney transplant in New York. 

    “I think that I am still in shock, just the fact that it is real,” Leibowitz told Orlando’s WFTV. Until Sully came along, Leibowitz, the father of five children, hadn’t been able to find a donor match despite years of trying.

    “As a father, I could relate to having kids, and the last thing I would want my kids to worry about every night when they go to bed is how much more time they have with me,” Sully said.






    Lawrence, MA - Gemline, headquartered in Lawrence, Massachusetts, has announced that it is expanding into the specialty foods category under the brand name, Gourmet Expressions. Gemline will offer a broad range of gourmet gifts bundled with a curated assortment of their most popular totes, coolers and drinkware as well as a collection of gourmet food gift towers and baskets.

    Gourmet Expressions will debut at The PPAI Expo 2018, with an introductory collection launching in March 2018. Gemline is currently in the process of building out a HACCP Certified fulfillment center within its plant in Lawrence.

    San Diego, CA – Terry Town (asi90913, ppai230911, sage66966), award winning supplier of towels, blankets, robes and accessories, has announced the hiring of Livier Gomez, bringing added strength to their national sales team.

    Gomez who will hold the title of Strategic National Account Manager, is a graduate of the University of San Diego and has acquired exceptional account management skills while working for a Southern California non-profit organization.

    “Livier came to us already knowing what it takes to be successful in this industry”, states Aaron Bradley, National Sales Manager. “She understands that it is built on long lasting relationships and that customer service is key. We are very excited to have her on board”.

    Pioneer Balloon expands its print capabilities for Microfoil® balloons in 2018 to include a larger imprint area and lower minimums on multi-color imprinting. This allows few as 50 balloons to be printed using a 4-color process with the potential to expand the number of small businesses and organizations that are able to use Pioneer’s printing capabilities.

    PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) recently chose Pioneer Balloon Company as a finalist in the “Special Processes” category of the 2018 Pyramid Award Competition for its 18" printed Microfoil balloon featuring artwork from the Academy Award winning musical, La La Land, starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. The Pyramid Award is part of the PPAI Expo that will take place January 14-18, 2018, at the Mandalay Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV, USA.


    ATTLEBORO, MA (January 17, 2018) – 2018 marks the 50th corporate anniversary for the E.A. Dion Company, which began in 1968 when the company founder Edward A. Dion, Sr. began producing and marketing jewelry from the back room of a plumbing supply store in Attleboro Falls, MA.

    The company is now headquartered in a 30,000 square foot facility in the Attleboro Industrial Park and employees approximately 80 people.

    The company, now run by Edward’s sons, “Ted” Dion - President, Dennis Dion - Sr. VP of Operations and Roland Dion - Director of Manufacturing, was incorporated in 1975, and quickly developed a reputation for creativity, quality and reliability.  The company continues to rely on a strong national network of independent distributors for its distribution.

    For further information contact Paul Prendergast – Vice President Sales & Marketing at 800-445-1007.





    PMANC has just launched a LinkedIn Group and Instagram page, and continue to post news events on Facebook and Twitter. Your support on all social media platforms would be appreciated tremendously.



    See you around!