PMANC, a not-for-profit association's leadership consists of a Board of Directors, Committees (chairs and members), and other volunteers.

The officers for PMANC consist of a President, President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and Immediate Past President, who act as PMANC's Executive Committee and stand for election annually. The remaining members of the Board of Directors are elected for two-year terms on a rotating basis.

If you are interested in being considered for PMANC board service, please contact the chair of PMANC's Nominating Committee, PMAN'C's Immediate Past President. Our current Immediate Past President is Cristina Ysselstein, who may be reached at this email address.

If you are interested in volunteering, please email PMANC's Executive Director, Carol Murphy

Past Presidents

PMANC has a rich history of dedicated volunteers who have served the organization as President.  PMANC is appreciative of their service throughout the years.

Year President
2018 Melissa Deckelman
2017 Ivonne Lahlouh
2016 Cristina Ysselstein
2015 Loretta Mingram
2014 Tonia Ho
2013 Diana Fay
2012 Regina Munroe  
2011 Jon Pierce
2010 Nina Davi Ritchie
2009 Jeff Thomas
2008 Doreen Hardy
2007 Jodi Spangrud Beasley
2005-2006                               Ray Decker (term of office switched to calendar year
2004-2005 Mark Kramer
2003-2004 Mike Ellis
2002-2003 David Rossi
2001-2002 Susanne Denny
2000-2001 Francie Levy
1999-2000 Doug Carson
1998-1999 Jeff Smith
1997-1998 Litza Coughlin
1996-1997 Craig Hughes
1995-1996 Andy Peabody
1994-1995 Sandra Carroll
1993-1994 Rod Brown
1992-1993 Jim Childers
1991-1992 Campbell Brown
1990-1991 Karen Storey Laurie
1989-1990 Melanie Borba
1988-1989 Sandy White
1987-1988 Melissa Wood
1986-1987 Gregory Johnson
1985-1986 Terry Saforek
1984-1985 Susan Donnelly-Davis
1983-1984 Bill Laurie
1982-1983 Lorraine Keefer
1981-1982 Karen Hirsch (two terms)
1980-1981 Karen Hirsch (two terms)`
1979-1980 Ed Bloom
1978-1979 Bill Brecheen
1977-1978 Burton E. Hirsch
1976-1977 Richard Wolfman
1975-1976 Merten Krasnow
1974-1975 Michael Jones
1973-1974 Irwin Levin
1972-1973 Barbara Hirsch
1971-1972 Wally Jones
1970-1971 Ron Wolfman
1969-1970 John Murphy
1968-1969 Henry Shobar