District 5 Collaborative Webinars

    Why Regional Membership?

    Are you a member of a regional PPAI association? If so, are you aware of all the benefits you can receive?

    Join us for the next PPAI District 5 Webinar on February 5, 2019 at 10:00 am when a group of industry leaders from PPAI District 5 (AzPPA, PMANC, NWPMA and SAAC) will discuss how membership in their regional association has really benefitted their career and made their business stronger.

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    Featured panelists are:

    Chris Piper - VP Business Development

    Chris is the Vice President of Business Development at Proforma. He has more than 20 years of experience helping independent sales professionals grow their businesses and win enterprise level accounts. In his role with Proforma, Piper helps accelerate the organization's growth, in part, by coashing Proforma Owners to maximize their business success.

    Chris ia a PPAI Fellow, and has shared his marketing and brnading knowledge with companies such as Nike and Intel, various Fortune 500 businesses and universities.

    Mark Shinn, MAS, MASI - Owner
    Incentives West


    Reggie Gonzalez, Executive VP Sales & Marketing
    Corporate Key