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President's Letter

Another year has come and gone and PMANC continues to evolve, becoming a stronger, ever resourceful and more innovative organization than before. As this year’s President I couldn’t be more proud of this amazing group. Sharing in our successes and commitment to giving back are values that keep us united as a team.

Everything we’ve offered this past year helped set the pace for what’s to come. There are so many people to thank for this; many that have rolled up their sleeves with a hands-on approach in making a difference. We thank you and look forward to our future together.

So what happened this year?

2017 Showcase –Promo De Mayo - May 5th at the Hyatt Regency in Monterey

9th Annual Golf Tournament – Pacific Grove Golf Course

Thanks to Chairperson, Howard Berman and John Oda for his help with sponsorships

Fashion Show - Jodi Spangrud, Committee Chair

2017 Fall Holiday Showcase - September, Wente Winery

Thanks to Glenn Hammer (Brandvia) who helped our Exec team with venue negotiations throughout the year.

Social Club was developed by Melissa Deckelman & Tony Lee. – First event was a Pedal Bike Tour on July 15th, which was a rolling pedal party on a 14-passenger bike.

Baseball Game – Thanks to Victor for coordinating the event, even though the weather was a ‘bit wet’

Professional Development (Pro-D) - My Personal Favorite...
One of our goals this year was to provide you with resources to increase your knowledge of our industry.  PMANC is continuously providing opportunities for our members to achieve certification and gain new skills that allow you to have a competitive advantage.

Laurie Dowell – became Chairperson of this Committee in March.
Sessions included:
Promo 101 – Paul Kiewiet, MAS – Executive Director, MIPPA – Feb 28, 2017 - Introductory training program which covered industry “basics” for their new hires.

Promo 101 – 2017 Showcase – May 2, 2017 before the SHOWCASE - Melissa Deckelman leading and enhanced by, Dennis Klum (Brandvia), Cristina Ysselstein’s, and Patrick Kenny.

Product Safety Basics - August 2 – Anne Stone, PPAI’s Director of Public Affairs.

Promo 101 – October 6th - Melissa Deckelman, Laurie Dowell, Dennis Klum, Cristina Ysselstein presented industry basics. Thanks to Carthage Berry for hosting the class at Landway.

Kenny Ved – attended the event in Washington D.C. He is also PMANC’s RAC Representative

Thanks to Cristina Ysselstein and Louise Kostoff (Sanmar) for help in coordinating donations for CA wildfire victims.

2018 is going to be “FANTASTIC!”, why?  Only because your incoming President, Melissa Deckelman (Gemline) has the motivation, drive and continuously shows her commitment to PMANC’s members.  With her innovation and ideas, it’s sure to be a wild ride!

Coming in 2018….
May 2-3
Monterey Conference Center, Monterey, CA

September 13, 2018
Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery in Pleasanton, Ca. Distributors will be able to invite their best clients to attend.

Thanks to PPAI for their leadership and resources throughout the year. The entire PPAI team has been a very valuable resource for the entire Board.

See you at the Holiday Party on December 7th!




Ivonne Lahlouh

2017 PMANC President 




The annual PMANC Holiday Party will be held at the J.W. Marriott, Union Square in San Francisco on Thursday, December 7th.

The festivities begin at 11:30 AM and lunch will be served at Noon. We have arranged for valet parking at the hotel for a great rate of $17.00 for 3 hours.

During the party, the incoming Board of Directors for 2018 will be introduced and installed.

As in years past, we will have gorgeous gift baskets and this year we are offering a  5 day/4 night stay at a home in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico as one of our raffle prizes.*  All raffle proceeds will go to the PMANC Campbell M. Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Raffle tickets are available to purchase online and at the event.

Special thanks to our raffle sponsors:
HB Sales & Compass
Jaguar Blu
MKI Incentives


We sincerely appreciate our Wine Sponsors:
American Ad Bag
HIT Promo

Jack Nadel International




Next Gen

A year has passed and yet, it only seems like a few weeks since our last PMANC Holiday dinner. It has been quite a busy year for PMANC, and I am so thrilled for all the new additions and changes the team will be announcing for 2018. It has been a true honor to be a part of the organization, and to write for this newsletter. A big thanks to all the mentorship and love from the PMANC family.

I started off the year by stating that Millennials use feedback as one of their main tools to learn, adapt and grow. Millennials use feedback as a tool to tweak our life ingredients to bake the perfect outcome. Over the course of the year, I used some of these tools as part of my past articles to seek your feedback, thoughts, agreements and disagreements. This helped tailor some informative, and dare I say, random topics.

The feedback article sparked a hot question for the suppliers. We know that Millennials love feedback, and as a population, we show an increase in “Amazon mentality” with product searches and purchases. I posed the question to the readers if our industry suppliers should add reviews to their products? Majority responded with 60%: Yes, and 40%: No.

During the time of everyone’s feedback was the launch of the spinner. Naturally, as a millennial who was coined for this invention—we needed to debunk the Spinner craze! We learned there was more than what meets the eye while watching the spinner balance upon your finger in the trance-acting motion. Spinners were originally aimed as a form of meditative therapy, and caught on as an overnight fad. Although they were aimed for health and concentration benefits, I am sure many suppliers had moments of frustration and panic surrounding spinner orders. Nonetheless, they are still spinning in and out of retail stores, and let’s see if they stick around for 2018.

Lastly, after doing vigorous research and timely dedication to social media pages like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.—I found another fad growing with each profile.A Swiss psychiatric test which categorizes you within 16 different personality types, was aimed to help you better understand yourself and your closest peers. I found people displaying their personality types on their social pages, dating sites, and even…job resumes! It is a way for people to wear their “type” on their sleeve so they can understand how to effectively communicate with others, and vice versa. I extended this test to PMANC readers to take for themselves and see where they fall into the 16 categories. Most popular category was ENFJ, and the most polled personalities were in the Baby Boomer age group. As a novice team member of PMANC, I didn’t know where these articles would go, and that was the most thrilling feeling by being a part of this newsletter.

Thank you to all the readers, PMANC supportive staff, and board members for making this year memorable.




Ellie Gallegos
Branding Coordinator
Jack Nadel Int'l.



Get Smarter

Five Reasons to Love Professional Development

Why do some professions require continuing education while others simply carry on with standards that were set decades ago? Some such as medical and accounting require levels of education to remain licensed but most provide ongoing education to increase their marketable skills and be more competitive. After taking over PMANC’s Professional Development committee this year I had to think about what we need to offer to keep our membership engaged. Here are my 5 benefits to attending our sessions. I know they will hit a note with most of you!

1. Knowledge
In an industry that changes so quickly, ongoing education covering product safety, decoration, basic industry training and technology allow our members to be on the cutting edge. Offering professional development also tells employees that you care about their long term goals.

2. Credibility
Being able to say you are an industry expert brings a persuasive tool to your marketing arsenal and reflects your dedication to the industry.  Both PPAI and ASI offer ongoing education and certifications to enhance your personal credentials.

3. Networking
Professional development sessions are a great opportunity to hear what your peers are experiencing while connecting and reconnecting with people you truly enjoy. It allows us to see our position through different eyes and gain insight into how our industry is evolving for both distributors and suppliers.

4. Motivate
Professional development can reenergize your creativity.  Learning new concepts boosts your skill level and empowers you to push forward in your sales.

5. Community
PMANC has created such a nurturing community and there are so many ways to contribute. Volunteers are needed for most of our Professional Development classes so if you have a spare hour we’ll take it! We work to create a fun environment so that you can absorb knowledge and elevate your personal brand.

We have some exciting Pro D events lined up for 2018 and we welcome all our members to participate. Be involved, you will love it!

Laurie Dowell
PMANC Professional Development Chairperson

Senior Branding Consultant 
Jack Nadel Int'l.





PMANC Cares Helps Collect Donations for North Bay Fire Victims

It was terrible to see the incredible devastation caused by the North Bay fires in October. Thousands lost their homes overnight, including members of our PMANC community.

Daniel Sachs – a PMANC Member and Multi Line Rep with ties to Santa Rosa -- quickly organized a campaign to gather needed goods and funds for those who were affected.

Daniel Sachs and friend delivering donations

The response from our members was amazing!  We received generous donations and PMANC Cares Committee Volunteers helped coordinate the pick-up and delivery.

We want to thank our volunteers and all of those who offered donations (and our apologies if we missed anyone).

Volunteers: Shonna Rose – Bic Graphics, Mike Ellis – Logomark. Louise Kostoff- SanMar. Cristina Ysselstein – ETS Express, and Social Imprints for helping as well!

Generous Donations from these PMANC Members:

Blue Flame Promo

Brand Alliance/Geiger

Alley Cat Promos


Bebe Duarte

Brand Inc 

BrandVia Alliance

Business Builders

Howard Berman/HB Sales

Ilene Marshall

Jack Nadel, Inc.

Mission Peak

Onyx Worldwide

Proforma TrueMarketing

Rush Advertising

Susan Shaw


Tugboat, Inc.

Way to Be


PMANC Cares Volunteers at SF-Marin Food Bank
Did you know that 1 in 4 people in San Francisco are at a high risk for hunger?

On Saturday, November 18th, 17 PMANC Cares Volunteers spent part of their Saturday together at the SF Marin Foodbank Warehouse.

Within 3 hours, our volunteers worked alongside others to help sort and re-pack over 42,000 lbs of fresh produce! This was physical work but it felt great to see what a determined group can accomplish!  And, most importantly – we helped the SF Food Bank provide food to over 30,000 families that week. 

Nice work guys!  Please let us know if you would like to volunteer at a future PMANC Cares event.  




What you need to know

11/29/2017          10:30 am - 11:30 am      “The Path to $10 Million”   Bobby Lehew, commonsku
12/20/2017          10:30 am - 11:30 am     TBD        Speaker: TBD    
12/7/2017            11:30  am - 2:30 pm       PMANC Holiday Party     Registration is still open!





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The Magnet Group welcomes Becky Blyth, a 13 year industry veteran, as Director of Key Accounts. The Magnet Group’s Sr VP of Sales, Aaron Gunderson, says "Becky is a well-respected, talented and hard-working individual, we are thrilled to have her part of The Magnet Group Team.” Becky can be reached at

Distributor companies, The Vernon Company in Newton, Iowa, and Brandinc with U.S. headquarters in Los Angeles, California, have formed a strategic partnership to serve Fortune 500 clients with domestic and international requirements for promotional marketing programs. Both organizations will continue to operate as separate companies.

Halls & Company has announcedthe acquisition of promotional products supplier: ActNow Media
based in Atlanta, GA.

“It is with great excitement that we announce our acquisition of ActNow Media,” said Janet
Adams, president of Halls & Company. “Fred has developed a stellar reputation in the industry
as he’s grown his business over the years. We look forward to broadening our line and providing
greater opportunities for our customers.”




PMANC has just launched a LinkedIn Group and Instagram page, and continue to post news events on Facebook and Twitter. Your support on all social media platforms would be appreciated tremendously.



See you around!