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With the 4th quarter fast approaching, the PMANC Board of Directors has been busy planning events to help you build your business through education and fun networking events. I'm very pleased to work with this group of creative and dedicated professionals.

The 2017 Board of Directors at our 2018 Planning Session in August.

Our annual Holiday Showcase will be held on Wednesday, September 20th. This is our largest Holiday Showcase in many years with 50 exhibitors. We've got something very unique planned for our professional development seminars.  Our focus will be defining and achieving excellence in our businesses.
Greg Contos, a level-two Sommelier, will share how product knowledge and excellent customer service leads to success. This interesting session will show it doesn't matter what industry you are in, what matters is that you strive for excellence and your clients feel that passion!  After the show this year, we've coordinated a wine-tasting and hope you'll join us to learn more about Wente wines.

I am pleased to announce that our 2018 PMANC Showcase will be held in Monterey again in 2018 on May 3rd. The exhibits will be at the newly renovated Monterey Conference Center. We will host our 10th annual PMANC Golf Tournament on May 2nd at the beautiful Pacific Grove Course.

Save the Date for our annual Holiday Party on Thursday, December 7th at the J.W. Marriott in Union Square, San Francisco.  This is always a very festive way to celebrate the holiday season and year-end success with industry friends. 

There are many active Senate bills right now that affect California businesses.  We are pleased to be a part of PPAI and support their position to uphold the industry by defending the rights of promotional product companies to conduct business. Earlier this week, we learned the California Assembly’s Appropriations Committee held a hearing on SB 162 on Friday, September 1, 2017. The bill would have prohibited licensed cannabis businesses from using promotional items to market their products. The decision announced by the committee chairperson was to hold the bill in committee. Due to legislative timing, that decision effectively nullifies the bill’s chances of reaching a full vote in the Assembly during the current legislative session. Aside from the ostensible fiscal concerns, the legislature stalled the bill in order to give California’s new Bureau of Cannabis Control time to complete writing their own rules and regulations, which that organization is in the process of doing now.

There are many active Senate bills right now that affect California businesses. If you are interested in learning more about PPAI’s legislative action on Senate bills that affect California, click here for more information and find out how you can voice your opinion.

I'm sure you've been as moved as I have been hearing the details of the devastation in Texas and Louisiana. The outpouring of support has been amazing and a true testimonial to the camaraderie in our industry.  There is still a lot of work to be done.
PPAI President, Paul Bellantone's recent blog post provides a link to detailed information on flood victim's most critical needs. This is a time for us to continue to pull-together to keep our industry strong.

As summer comes to a close, I look forward to seeing you at all our upcoming Fall events.

See you soon at Wente!

Ivonne Lahlouh
2017 PMANC President 




Join us on September 20th for our Annual Holiday Showcase at Wente

It's time for our annual Holiday Showcase at the beautiful Wente Vineyards Event Center in Livermore, CA! This unique Showcase, featuring 50 exhibitors, is designed to kick start your fourth quarter sales and prepare you and your company for Holiday gifting and spending!  

Exhibits are open from 11:00 am - 3:00 pm. There is no charge to attend the Showcase but please register so we can have your name badge ready.

NEW! Professional Development Sessions at the Holiday Showcase with a Unique Twist!

How would you define excellence?  This session will show that it doesn't matter what industry you are in, what matters is that you strive for excellence and your clients feel that passion. We have kicked off this series with what else but a Sommelier!

Greg Contos, a level two Sommelier is a trained wine professional who is an expert in every aspect of food and wine pairing. The responsibilities of a sommelier are as varied as they are demanding. Not only must a good sommelier show a strong knowledge of wines, but they must be able to make each guest feel comfortable and part of the experience. Sound familiar??

Join us for one of the two complimentary sessions with Sommelier Greg Contos:

Morning session: 9:45 AM - 10:45 AM
Afternoon Session: 2:15 PM - 3:15 PM

Thank you to our sponsor Marine Layer for making this series complimentary.

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED to attend a Professional Development session.

Professional Development sessions are sponsored by Marine Layer, a company that has mastered the perfect fabric to recreate absurdly soft tees and hoodies in your client's PMS color.

Great way to end the day...

Join us right after the Holiday Showcase for a Wine Tasting at 3:30 pm.  
Wine Tasting Fee for those who attend a Professional Development session: $25.00
Wine Tasting Fee for those who do not attend a Professional Development session: $30.00
(Wine tasting is limited to 30, so please register early!)


The Showcase is free to attend but we request 
Qualified Distributors Only!

We look forward to seeing you at Wente Vineyards!









Are you an ESFJ struggling to connect with your INTP co-worker? The struggle can be real. If, however, that sentence made no sense to you, then you may not be a millennial.

A 60-year-old personality test has been a popular form of Millennial identity in the recent years. ESFJ and INTP are personality “types” from Swiss psychiatrist Carl G. Jung, who wrote that what appears to be random behavior is the result of differences in the way people prefer to use their mental capacities. A test was created to categorize you within 16 different personality types.

I decided to check out this popular test since I noticed its rapidly growing presence on social media. You can find people placing their personality “type” on their dating profiles, or in their “About Me" section on Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, etc. Recently, there has been a buzz about incorporating this into the workplace.

So how are Millennials benefiting from this test? Millennials optimize their individual potential, and would rather find opportunities to develop their strengths, then fix their weaknesses (Das. 2017). According to author Hean Twenge of Generation Me, this test shows that Millennials are very interested in understanding themselves. Self-focus is a dominant trait with the upcoming generations. Before you interpret self-focus for another term for selfish, note that this generation likes to wear this “type” on their sleeve so they can understand how to effectively communicate with others, and visa versa.

I decided to take the test for myself, and found my results to be a valid interpretation of my personality.  I started researching if there are common “types” per generations.  I know based off the test ISFJ and ESFJs have the most popular outcome, but it doesn’t account for age.  After a bit of research, I found that each outcome of the 16 personality types are completely unique to each generation. The environments in which we are raised culturally creates unique imprints inside of us. So even if a Baby Boomer and a Millennial share the same personality type, they may have different approaches based off of cultural experiences they encountered over the course of their life. A Vietnam vet who is INTJ, and myself may use our brain analytically similar, but our actions during problem solving may show a completely different outcome.

As much as I would have loved this be a way for Baby Boomers to find a common identity with Millennials, it opens a new lens as to why the two generations can be so similar but also vastly different. Millennials are using the test as a tool to communicate and be more receptive to other Millennials. It will be interesting to see how this personality test will take effect in the workforce in the years to come. Perhaps this is just a social fad and I am reading too much into it, or maybe it is a true indicator of self-growth and optimization with the younger generations. I encourage everyone to check out the test online and respond to the feedback portal below. We want to hear what personality you score, and the generation you belong to for the next PMANC newsletter.

Link to Test:
Link to Survey:




Ellie Gallegos
Branding Coordinator
Jack Nadel Int'l.




Welcome to PMANC’s spotlight on our members!  Each month I (Laurie Dowell - JNI) will be reaching out to a distributor or supplier and sharing their thoughts on the ups and downs of this ever-changing industry.

As a distributor, I have so many amazing options when it comes to wearables.  One of my favorites is Tri Mountain.  They have it all; great product, terrific decoration methods and of course Jeff Nero!

What makes Tri Mountain different from other suppliers in the industry?

Founded in 1993, Tri-Mountain has been consistently named a Top 20 supplier in our industry.  A few key factors differentiate Tri-Mountain from the rest of the pack. To begin, we are a family owned California company headquartered in Irwindale and we are the pioneers of stocking inventory in Big and Tall sizes.  Many of our styles come through 6XLT.  We also decorate at Tri-Mountain, our decoration methods include embroidery, heat transfer and laser etch.  Our in-house decoration allows our distributors to benefit from quick production lead times and sharp pricing.  We make decoration easy with one point of contact, one invoice, one shipment.  Today, our five brands, Tri-Mountain, Tri-Mountain Gold, Tri-Mountain Performance, Lilac Bloom and TMR offer a deep and wide selection of knit and woven shirts, fleece and outerwear for the promotional, corporate casual, uniform, golf, performance, racing and sporting good markets.

What is the most challenging part of your job? 
Travel. Sometimes life on the road can be a lonely place. I miss my wife, kids, dogs and am grateful for facetime! 

What do you feel has been the most important innovation you have seen in our industry that applies to wearables?
The many uses and development of polyester.  Polyester is now softer, more durable, easy to care for, wrinkle resistant, shrink resistant, quick drying, moisture wicking, and can also include other properties such as UV-protection, heat wicking (to keep you cooler) or infrared heat absorbing (to keep you warmer).  This is not our parent’s polyester!  And there are many more innovations in polyester to come.

What can you tell us about new products for 2017?
Over half way through with 2017 already and it has been a great year at Tri-Mountain.  We continue to develop exciting new products throughout all our five product lines.  Our Lilac Bloom ladies line will continue to be a highlight for our company.  Many of our newer styles will focus on finding the sweet spot for millennials.

What excites you about Tri Mountain’s future?
Tri-Mountain’s consistent and conservative approach to growth and our always unique new product introductions will continue to forge our future as other apparel companies in our industry try to find their groove through buying/selling/merging companies to either build up or reduce their apparel footprints.

What is your corporate philosophy?
Providing the best quality product, exceptional value, and most attentive service for our customers. People are foundational vendors. The best people relationships lead to the best business decisions.

What decoration method is trending now?
Embroidery still accounts for the majority of our decorated orders but the last couple of years has seen our heat transfer decoration method with the highest percentage growth.

What is the weirdest job you ever had?
My summer college job, working for the City of Newport Beach poking trash at the beach.  We wore bright neon ‘City of Newport Beach’ shirts and many people thought we were on a prison work release program and many beachgoers called the City and complained they didn’t feel comfortable having convicts walking around the crowded beaches with sharp metal trash pokers!

People would be surprised if they knew what about you?
Hmmm…maybe not surprised, but I love to surf, fish and garden.  I like to get my hands dirty, dig and grow things   Right now, my garden is growing corn, honeydew, cantaloupe, squashes, tomatoes, strawberries, peppers, rosemary, sage and thyme.

Lastly, plans for summer?
Surf, fish, soccer and tennis.  I am a soccer and tennis dad.  My 11 year old plays tennis and my 9 year old plays soccer.  Summertime is tournament time for both boys.  Also, we just got back from a week vacation in Boston and had a great time in a great American city!  My 6th grader especially appreciated all the American History Boston has to offer as it coincided with his school studies.   


Laurie Dowell
Senior Branding Consultant 
Jack Nadel Int'l.




BELLA+CANVAS and Gildan donate care packages for the homeless

(PPAI 304892) and Gildan (PPAI 250187), in partnership with charity Bundles of Hope, will distribute care packages to over 5,000 homeless people in Los Angeles on March 15.

BELLA+CANVAS donated new t-shirts, and Gildan supplied pairs of socks to the care packages that Bundles of Hope will give to the homeless as they make their way back into traditional living.

Jack Harris, the son of BELLA+CANVAS CEO Danny Harris and a senior at Beverly Hills High School, founded Bundles of Hope and organized a group of students on Sunday to assemble the packages. He says, “The intent was to not only give a much-needed boost to [homeless recipients'] self-esteem, but to make them feel valued as individuals.”

Bundles of Hope’s mission is to provide homeless individuals in transition with basic essentials to help make their lives easier and to spread awareness of the challenges faced by people living on the streets of Los Angeles County.

Reprinted from March 2017, PPAI Media  

 Jack Harris (left) and volunteers pack products for Bundles of Hope charity distribution.






9/13/2017             9:30 am - 10:30 am      Kirby Hasseman Webinar:  Succeeding in the ‘Give First’ Economy
9/20/2017             11:00 am - 3:30 pm      PMANC Fall Showcase/Wente
10/6/2017             1:00 pm - 4:00 pm       PROMO 101 Session and Social Event - Registration Open 9/12
           9:30 am - 10:30 am     Tim Brown Webinar:  How to Know If Your Products Are Safe, Compliant and    Quality
11/29/2017          10:30 am - 11:30 am     TBD        Speaker: TBD  

12/20/2017          10:30 am - 11:30 am     TBD        Speaker: TBD    
12/7/2017            11:30  am - 2:30 pm       PMANC Holiday Party     Registration Open 10/26

Have an idea for an event? We would love to hear from you!




 Jacob Rush is Awarded 2017 PMANC Scholarship

The PMANC Board of Directors is pleased to announce the recipient of this year’s Campbell M. Brown Memorial Scholarship is Jacob Rush. Jacob is currently attending the University of Notre Dame in Notre Dame, Indiana. He is the son of PMANC member, Michael Rush, owner of Rush Advertising, Fresno, CA.

We congratulate Jacob on his academic accomplishments and wish him much success in the future.

This scholarship is named after the late Campbell M. Brown, MAS, who passed away on May 2013, at the age of 82 years. The scholarship was funded by a generous donation from the Promotional Marketing Association of Northern California (PMANC) to honor him for his many years of service.




Volunteer Your Talents and Make a Difference in Our Industry

PMANC’s goal this year is to increase engagement with our members. Being a PMANC volunteer is a great way to build valuable professional relationships, gain visibility, and make an impact that matters to all of us.

Short on time? No problem!
Many of our members have expressed interest in volunteering, but have very little time and don’t want to over-commit to a large project. This year we’re offering volunteer opportunities to match your schedule, whether you only have an hour, or would like to be involved in a major event, such as the annual Showcase.

Please take our quick survey and let us know your area of interest and how much time you have available. Our new Volunteer Committee Chair, Tony Lee (Stormtech) will contact you and discuss what assignment might be a good fit.

Please CLICK HERE to let us know how you would like to be involved.  Thank you!




Promotional Products Industry Benefits from PPAI Government Relation Action Council Efforts

By: Dale Denham Geiger, CIO

Each year PPAI spends makes a significant of time and financial resources to ensure the health and success of the promotional products industry through Government Relations. In 2016, PPAI began efforts to educate the industry and government officials on the danger of the proposed Border Adjustment Tax (BAT). Each year for the past 7 years, PPAI members have visited DC as part of PPAI LEAD (Legislative Education and Action Day) and developed strong relationship with elected officials. This year as in the 6 previous years, hundreds of industry participants contacted government officials while 80 industry volunteers went to Washington DC and made personal visits.

While several topics are discussed each year, the BAT was the topic we spent the most time discussing while in Washington DC in 2017. Over 200 individual meetings were held where we laid out the number of industry jobs at risk as well as the greater risk to the overall American economy. Using very detailed information provided by PPAI, we were able to convincingly demonstrate the downside to the proposed BAT.

The Border Adjustment Tax would require American importers to pay taxes on the sales of their foreign-made inventory, but would not allow them to deduct the cost of that inventory. This would increase what American companies must pay the government on imports by up to 20 percent. Meanwhile, the plan would not tax U.S. companies’ earnings on exports. Bottom line, this means consumer prices for all imported goods go up including, promotional products, automobiles, food, and everything in between.

As powerful as PPAI volunteer meetings and letters were, PPAI wanted to send an even stronger message. That is why PPAI joined forces with Americans for Affordable Products (AAP), a coalition organized in January by the National Retail Federation. AAP eventually grew to include 600 companies and associations including PPAI.

Some touted the border adjustment tax as a buy-American initiative and a revenue replacement plan that would allow them to cut the U.S. corporate tax rate. PPAI opposed the border adjustment tax because it would force companies and individuals to pay higher prices on everyday items. Distributors and suppliers would have had to pass the cost increases, due to the BAT, along to customers causing higher prices and less consumption.

Members of Congress want to hear from their constituents and the efforts of PPAI members volunteers made the difference. These volunteers are all backed up by a group of dedicated individuals who serve on the PPAI Government Relations Action Council (GRAC). GRAC is focused on government relations and to serve as a volunteer group to assist the efforts of PPAI and the regional associations in influencing legislation and regulations affecting the promotional products industry at all levels of government.

PPAI Government Relations Action Council Members include:
Myself – Dale Denham, MAS+, Geiger, Chair
Rick Brenner, MAS+, Logical Advisors
Cami Chandler, Gibco
Nick D’Eramo, Triple Stitch
Eric Ekstrand, MAS+, HALO Branded Solutions
Dana Floyd, SAGE
Tom Goos, MAS, Image Source
David Hawes, MAS+, Geiger
Peter Hirsch, MAS, Hirsch Gift
George Jackson, George Jackson Promotions
Michele Jennrich, MAS, Michele Jennrich
Dale Limes, MAS, HALO Branded Solutions
Chuck Machion, ASI
Joseph Miller, AIA/Logotools
Mitch Rhodus, CAS, HALO Branded Solutions
Mary Jo Tomasini, MAS, Competitive Edge, Chair
Anne Stone, PPAI Staff Liaison
Maurice Norris, PPAI Staff Co-Liaison
Cliff Andrews, CapCity Advocates
Paul Bellantone, CAE, PPAI Staff
Melissa Weber, PPAI Staff

PPAI will be hosting LEAD again in 2018 in Washington DC May 16 & 17th 2018. In addition, PPAI and GRAC will be supporting several LEAD local events throughout the country in 2018. You can see more about important Government Relation topics and get involved by visiting

Pictured above: 2017 PPAI LEAD Attendees




PMANC has just launched a LinkedIn Group and Instagram page, and continue to post news events on Facebook and Twitter. Your support on all social media platforms would be appreciated tremendously.



See you around!